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Financial Services 2020 Brand Management Success Story

Financial Services Company Engages Customers at Scale When They Need Financial Guidance the Most 


After the global pandemic destabilized global markets, a financial services company decided to provide their customers even stronger financial guidance and ways to protect their wealth in these new, disorienting market conditions. 


BrandBuilder, our winning local marketing automation platform, helped the financial services company ramp up its existing Market Volatility Campaign. Over a two-month period in the spring of 2020, they created130 templates to distribute emails, flyers, and other marketing materials and provide their customers financial solutions when they needed them most. Having a rapid, cost-effective way to communicate at scale allowed the company to share tips that helped customers stay on track financially despite unprecedented market volatility. 



Market Volatility Templates Built March-May 2020

Open Rate for Phillips MV Email sent to 24,101 participants. Industry Average is 16-17%.

time to customize and send brand compliant dealer ads to production

$ Saved During Key MV Months