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State of Local Marketing

The State of Local Marketing Report 2020-2021

The State of Local Marketing Report is the most comprehensive study on local marketing, with over 8,000 channel partners participating in the last six years. Discover local marketing best practices based on millions of data points and learn what components make up the most effective local marketing strategies. Download your copy today to drive more growth through local channel partners!

What Is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is a strategy for disseminating a brand’s message through channel partners who have a physical location within a community. These small businesses are able to connect more meaningfully with local community members and can therefore target the brand’s audience more effectively than corporate marketers. While national marketing campaigns must appeal to a broad audience, local marketing campaigns can be specific to a particular region, city, or town. The increased relevancy and personalization of local marketing can drive significant revenue for both a brand and its channel partners.


Top Local Marketing Strategies


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